Tuesday, 21 November 2017

2018 Challenges


A new year about to begin and nicely, not just one but two challenges ahead of us.....

First, the usual summer challenge involving all of us. Despite my best misgivings they'v e talked me into rising a bike again! Now long time followers of the Oldies will know my hate of riding push bikes (only proper bike has an engine!) so please see the following examples of what is right and what is wrong:-

Wrong!!! My last ride on a bike without an engine. So wrong!!!!

Right - how it should be done!!! Say no more......

Anyway - this is our route, penciled in for 1st July 2018

That's almost 40 miles worth of saddle soreness fellas! Remember this is your ideas! Not mine!!!!

Second Challenge

The second challenge is just Neil and Claire, and we're planning to do the Three Peaks Challenge;

So, this challenge does fill me with dread in many ways, but in other ways excitement. For a start, it'll be the first "mini Oldie" challenge as just two out of four of the group will be attempting this challenge. Neil Jones - former school friend, business partner and all round good guy, has agreed to do this ridiculous undertaking.

So over six days sometime in 2018 (TBA) we'll be walking:-

  • Ben Nevis (Scotland), at 4,410 ft the highest mountain on our list
  • Scafell Pike (England) 3,209 ft
  • Snowdon (Wales) 3.560 ft 

Details to be announced as they are arranged.......

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  1. Cannot wait for 2018, going to be two great challenges