22nd World Scout Jamboree, 2011

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The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will take place in Rinkaby, Sweden, between the 27th July and the 7th August 2011

It's bigger than the Olympics, both in terms of the number of particiants, and also the number of countries represented. You'll live and take part in activities alongside Scouts from all over the world, making new friends for life, and experiencing different cultures you never even knew existed.

What happens at a Jamboree?
At the Jamboree the experience will begin with a pre-Jamboree experience. This will be a couple of days where all the Units frm the uk will get together to party before they arrive at the Jamboree itself.

Then at the Jamboree site there will be an Opening Ceremony - a party like you've never been to before! Then you'll take part in loads of different activities for 7 or 8 days.

The activities are a real mix of physical, social and educational, but definitely all fun!

You'll also get the chance to go off site and see a bit of Sweden itself, by spending 2 days at a swedish scout camp site meeting local Scouts to find out what their way of Scouting is like.

After the Closing Ceremony you will spend 2 or 3 nights with a family on home hospitality (HOHO). Don't worry, it won't be you on your own! You'll go with other people from your Unit and experience living with a family in a different country, they always make us very welcome!

What is the 22nd World Scout Jamboree?
The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will be held in Sweden in 2011. The theme for the Jamboree is Simply Scouting. In fact, the 22nd World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011 is Simply Scouting!

... So what does this mean??

It is the answer to every question: What will the Jamboree experience be like? How will I make friends with Scouts from all over the world? How can we learn about global development? How is this all possible? Answer: Simply Scouting!!

We like to think that this is the feeling you will get onsite, wherever you are. This is the experience of Scouting in all its variety. This is a fantastic quality programme of activities for all. This is a modern approach to tackling today's issues in society. This is our Scout Method, our values, our way of working. Simply Scouting - throughout the camp and in every moment of daily life, Scouts will develop new skills and share their knowledge and experiences whilst working towards greater international understanding.
Doing what we love best: Simply Scouting!

Within the theme of "Simply Scouting", there are 3 important concepts that will be present in every aspect of the Jamboree:
22WSJ Sweden will encourage meetings between those from different cultures, religions, countries and contingents. Participants will get to know those who live outside of their own local community and find that strangers can become friends. Meetings will take place everywhere, from module activities to subcamp life, from small camp fires to huge arena events. All aspects of the camp will encourage meetings: the schedule, the programme and even the site design!!
22WSJ Sweden will be close to nature, in fact we will live in the middle of nature for 2 weeks, in an immense field surrounded by trees and woodlands. The Jamboree Programme will use the natural environment as a learning tool, demonstrating both its vulnerability and what individuals can do to better protect the world we live in.
22WSJ Sweden will encourage solidarity between Scouts of all ages, and promote the unity between Scout Organisations from around the world. It will also help us see that we share a common responsibility to our world and to each other. The Jamboree will promote respect for other people, emphasising equal rights and peace and at the Jamboree itself, all are equal, independent of any personal characteristics or background.

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