Monday, 30 August 2010

A huge Thank you!

On behalf of all the Penair Oldies, I would like to thank the following people - all the Oldies (Neil, John, Steve and myself) The Lander Oldies (Joseph and Chris) all the wifes (Ruth, Cass', Marcia) and all the children (Chris, Lucy, Dominic, Keiran, Riley and Daisy). Plus all our parents and friends who have helped and everyone who have sponsored us over the last few months. Without your support (and patience) the walk would have ground to a halt weeks ago! A huge thank you from all of us!
We're collecting money now - so hopefully will have a total for you all in a month or so. At the moment our estimates of total raised will be between £500 - £600 - brilliant!
Finally, in about 4 - 6 months time I aim to have a book available to buy - no title at this stage - but will get back to you. A percentage of money raised from the book will go to Joseph for his fund raising.
Thanks again everyone!

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