Sunday, 21 March 2010

Welcome Bloggers!

Welcome to this Blog - dedicated to the exploits for four or five aging old fools who all met originally at Penair School in 1980

Neil Jones, Steve Varker, John Brinkhoff, Simon 'Min' Nicholls and Clive Stocker started Penair School in the September of 1980. Little did they know they would be friends almost 30 years later and over the course of this time have seen trips to France; various business' born; management and professional qualifications gained and between us 11 offspring (at the last count!)

We all come from totally different backgrounds and have travelled different life choices but one thing unites us all - the wish to generally take the mickey out of each other and to have a laugh on the few times we get to meet up each year.

We also travel the internet under another name - "the Old Buggers" - but for the latest challenge we've decided to become more media friendly - this the phrase "Penair Oldies" has been adopted - but we'll still answer to the former title!

Please follow us on this blog and support us in any way possible. In the next Blog I'll tell you what the latest 'Penair Oldies' challenge is!


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